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Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy



Ralph Gionta, LMFT, LMHC, has a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counselling from Barry University, U.S.A, and is a registered clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the European Family Therapy Association. Mr Gionta has over 15 years of experience working in the mental health field in a variety of settings that include:
The British National Health Service (N.H.S.), private mental health agencies, corporations, schools, employee assistance programs and as a preferred provider for the U.S. military.

Who can benefit

Solution–Oriented Brief Therapy offers a specialised therapeutic approach for individuals, couples and families. It has a very wide range of applications - a few examples are given in the list on the right. If you find yourself stuck in an unsatisfying pattern of thinking, feeling, doing or relating, then chances are Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy has something to offer you.

How does it work

In the course of your life, you have made many changes – in the way you think, feel, learn, work and relate to others. Most of the time, we take this ability to adapt and overcome challenges for granted. Sometimes, however, a problem comes along that seems insoluble – no matter what we do. Faced with this kind of difficulty, it is easy to get caught up in repeated attempts at finding a solution. This is when it is helpful to talk to someone who is skilled at listening and at facilitating change. A Solution-Oriented Therapist can provide a new perspective on an old situation, allowing you to make the most of your abilities and open up possibilities for change.
Central to the Solution-Oriented approach is a fundamental respect for your personal values, feelings, and abilities. It is deliberately flexible to accommodate your needs, and therapy is structured according to your agenda rather than a rigid psychological theory. The therapist will work collaboratively with you, concentrating on your individual strengths and looking ahead to the kind of future you want to create for yourself

About Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy

Developed by innovative American therapist Bill O' Hanlon, Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy is distinguished from many traditional forms of therapies by its emphasis on present strengths and future change, rather than analysis of deficiencies in the past.
As the name suggests, effective and lasting solutions can often be found in a surprisingly short time, although care is always taken that change happens at a pace that is appropriate to the individual, couple or family.

Additional services

Mediation/Conflict Resolution and personal coaching.

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